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    Hello! This is my first post here (english isn't my native langage).

    A friend of mine gave me a mxq-4k box (that's the only thing written on that box so I suppose it's not the pro version). It currently runs Android 7.1.2 and it can play Netflix but only on low resolution.. After some researches, I found that it may be possible to run Netflix on better resolution (1080p is what I need) using Coreelec + netflix addon.

    It appears my box has Rockchip rk3229 (I used Aida64 app). I tried A95XR1, V88Mars and MXQ 4K Pro images and always the same result:

    I use Rufus to burn image on my sd card and when I insert sd card into the box, no hdmi signal and the power led is blue. I tried to rename dtb file to dtb.img (I think that's what must to be done) but same result. I also tried with a terminal emulator app: su, then reboot update but it always ends with no hdmi signal and blue led.

    Maybe someone could help me? Is there something I did wrong? (noob here sorry) Or is it just my box is not compatible?