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    Ciao Fabio, hi Fabio,

    many thanks for your clear explanation about boot flow sequence.

    Well, I really would never go back to android unless something with LibreElec flashing goes wrong and I need to unbrick the device.

    I've learnt (and you confirmed this too) that cause this great variety of devices it's quite hard to develop a firmware that suits all situations and, for example, I have experienced that I can boot from MultiTool only in presence of both sdcard and usb stick (quite unusual, isn't it ?).

    The only backup I have right now is partitions backup taken with single ADB commands such as "dd if=/dev/block/rknand_system of=/path_to_sdcard/system.img".

    These backups came really handy to me when I needed to restore system partition after a bootloop or recovery partition after flashing a non working TWRP, but I miss parameter.txt so I want to follow your advice to take a FULL NAND backup to be restored using AndroidTool.

    Even after a long search, I couldn't find on the net a copy of my android stock firmware so I need to dump it from my board, something that can be reflashed by AndroidTool. But how can I take this dump ?


    Hi Jock2,

    many thanks to you too ! I've learnt so much in these few posts !

    So you suggested Multiboot as backup tool for android stock and i will surely take a dump with this method.

    And thanks also for clarification that steP-nand procedure is just for Armbian so I will use MultiTool (with idbloadr skipping) to flash NAND.


    your guess was right, now with both sdcard and usb stick, mutiboot could finally complete boot process.

    Here's the log:

    Your next advice was to flash a Libreelec image (V88II mars) to NAND but have some questions:

    1) wouldn't it be wise to try to boot from sdcard first ?

    2) what's my way back to restore stock android ?

    3) according to "Quick installation instructions on NAND" on Armbian forum, shouldn't i choose "Burn Armbian image via steP-nand" ?

    I connected network on the fly, when I realized it was trying to boot from network.

    Ok, some serial debugging on my board.

    Stock android firmware on internal NAND:

    Boot from well tested Samsung 32GB SD card, multitool image written by Balena Etcher

    Red LED in on (solid light).

    Blue LED is off.

    Multitool image downloaded from Armbian thread CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes - Rockchip CPU Boxes - Armbian forum

    Hi Jock2, many thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I know it's a big mess with these boards.

    Imagine that my board was supposed to be an Amlogic S905W with 16 GB EMMC !

    So I didn't dare to flash the internal NAND and just played around with SD cards.

    By the way, I couldn't boot form multiboot either so I can't use Step-nand and for the time being I will stay with the legacy image on SD card.

    For those who have a similar board and are interested in original stock android firmware, I've made a full dump of android rknand partitions from an ABD root shell.

    Here is partitions layout:


    that's the board that I successfully booted from SD card using Legacy LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427220345-b7186bc-rk3229-hk1mini.img.gz image (first image I tried).

    Then I tried with Mainline LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.80-devel-20200228171244-cd590c7-rk3229-box.img.gz but it didn't boot (blank screen on HDMI).

    Board is definitely RK3229, has 8GB NAND flash and 2GB DDR3.

    Any clue where to start investigations ?

    many thanks