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    Hello, thanks for your continued work on this. This build works well so far; colours appear more accurate to my untrained eye. My TV doesn't show colorspace info, so I can't comment on that unfortunately.

    Hi there,

    I couldn't get 4k HDR playback to work, but changing the playback resolution to 1080p let it play (tv showed hdr10 properly, colors looked accurate). I attached my logfile, I think I set logging up correctly? Let me know if I should add anything else.


    The video would just stutter at 4k hdr, mostly showing a black screen that would flash with one or two frames per second. Some 4k HDR movies wouldn't even play, would just show a black screen (but wouldn't crash, stopping the video would pull the GUI back up). These were all very high bit rate files.

    Thanks for all your work on HDR on the Raspberry Pi 4! it is very exciting that it is so close!

    EDIT: I removed the attached zip log file and added a paste kodi link instead.