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    i have minix neo x7 & Wasser rom

    Can you explain the steps to run the LibreELEC on the minix neo x7 ?

    There isn't a proper dtb for our device and using dtb from other systems could damage the hardware of the x7, besides I won't give you the details because if something goes wrong you may find yourself with a bricked device and I don't want to be the one to be blamed. If you want to try it despite my advices then you've been warned. ;)

    1) install linuxium bootloader Linuxium's Bootloader software to dual boot Android and Linux - Linuxium (beware this will DELETE your current custom rom!)

    2) write on an sd card the image taken from LIBREELEC — Yandex.Disk

    3) boot the device (by default it will boot using the system found on the sd card)

    That's all.

    Have you checked all the available dtb in the image ?

    The main developer for rk3188 is knaerzche , perhaps he can tell you what information he needs to add LAN support on your model. By the way, today I loaded a new version (20210119) for rk3188 and rk3288. I have a wired network running on Ugoos UT2 with a UT2 file.

    The only dtb working is the default one, so I guess we need a proper one for minix neo x7.

    I just want to report that LibreELEC-ARMv7.arm-9.80-devel-20210117165740-d174eba-rk3188.img.gz is partially working on minix neo x7. There are problems with network connections (no wifi and no ethernet interface) and other little things to adjust ( eg. reboot is not working properly), but audio and video are working fine (I couldn't test everything properly because of the size of my sd card, but I plan to connect an hard disk this weekend and make more tests). Let me know if I can be of any help in this project.

    Thank you