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    RPI4 development is a big deception. No 3D mvc support and no HDR after over one year. We will have it running at the same time everything will move to 8k or other newest tech. In the 2000 years the RPI development was able to catch up but not anymore. Better to go Vero 4k or stick with PC with madvr for 3D and 4K hdr.

    The reason I changed from a NAS to a Windows machine is that since i have my server running all the time i can run Plex server from it with a dedicated RTX VGA to convert videos on the fly if needed ex: (4k content requested by a ipad), then jriver server mode for my audio, Mysql server for Kodi library sharing etc... many softwares are available in windows. They run all the time and are waiting for a signal to wake up the applicable drive... yes my drives are sleeping all the time and are waked up once a week or once a month to watch a video. I know many people doesn't recommend the drives to sleep but i save a lot of power and my drives are still alive after 10 years for some of it is not bad at all. I modified the LSI drivers a bit and now they sleep like baby's :-)

    I don't want to run two machines all the time (Linux server + Windows PC Plex Server + jriver + mysql) I really don't see the advantage going to Linux and maybe i can install all those softwares directly on Linux but base on my personal attempt from the pass Linux is limited with the software availability for my usage and knowledge.

    I forgot to mention that i also use the power of my xeon (remotely connected with windows remote) to do some task with Photoshop and other softwares when my desktop pc is also overloaded and the cpu is at 100%...

    I really like my setup.

    I am not complaining about my server. It is about Librelec (Samba) not able to see the drives the same way that windows do.

    I fixed it by adding the drives one by one from my raspberry libreelec but it's not practice.

    Thanks Guys for your comments.

    If this can help....

    Supermicro 846E26-R1200B case/backplane.

    Supermicro X11SPH-NCTF Motherboard attached to the backplane.

    There is also a couples of HDD's directly attached to the mobo and a M.2 SSD for windows but same result with the sharing method.

    I don't think it is related to the server itself. The same situation happen to another Asus PC by mounting the hard drive under a folder. Libreelec don't see it. It is not supported by Samba.

    I have no other choices I will add them one by one and make a backup in case of an sd card failure.

    Thanks for your help and happy new years :-)

    This way i only have to share 1 folder (Film) and 1 folder (TV). The share is working well on all my other windows PC's or laptops in the house.

    Yes i can add the 30 HDD's one by one from libreelec and set the content to all one by one but this post is to avoid all this.

    Thanks Guys for your help i appreciate. :-)

    Right access was given to everyones in windows 10. I also add a type of user "authenticated users" and given the access... before i post at first. Sharing is working on all drives and subfolders mounted normally in windows. I am aware that SMB have dropped the ability to browse and i entered all my locations manually and it works well for everything else.

    My drives are mounted under folders in a ssd drives (they are not mounted with a letter d:, e: etc under windows (assign letter method also work but have quantity limitation if you have blu-ray burner and a lot of HDD's. (to answer previous questions i have a supermicro server rack.)

    I think i found the problem... but not the solution.
    Because the way they are mounted in windows they appear as a shortcut (not as a folder) in the following way:



    Samsung/Film/2017 etc....up to the black and white movies years....LOL




    I created a folder to see if there is chance that libreelec can see it and bingo ! when i browse to Film and only see New folder.

    Libreelec can see Files and Folders but not my Drives shortcuts.


    I am returning from RPi4 back to RPi3 for 3D-MVC reason...RIP Ri4 😥

    The way i mounted my HDD in my Windows pc is I put everything under a SSD called Movie and I have 1 HDD for every year ex: 1 10TB drive for 2019 movies, 1 10TB drive for 2018 etc... All drives doesnt need a letter in Windows and to access them i go from my ssd (not the one i install Windows 10 to boot.)

    My new problem is that libreelec can access the ssd with smb://username:password/SERVER/Movie but can not access sub-folders inside so all my HDD's are missing. To bypass this i need to share the drives one by one directly in Windows ....a lot of trooble when you have 30 drives...

    Any tricks or workaround for samba to rescognise all my mounted drives ?