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    OP's solution is for an old(er) relative to watch 2 camera angles. Again I say there are better solutions than Kodi to run a webcam solution.

    Surely there is, but we live in different realitys. I don't have much money, infrastructure and knowledge to do it. Besides this all stuff needs to be imported (= long time to wait + taxes).

    Another possibility:

    This resource is compatible with Libreelec in RPi? External players

    I didn't try it yet, I'm far from installation now, but reading about I found someone telling that .xml in wiki is incorrect for vlc in linux systems.

    So, if it works, someone knows correct spelling of that file?


    Hi guys, you're been very nice in reply, but I'm a step back of it. I've already searched the forum , found your tutorial elonesna and looked too the general docker info.

    But now I'm running in circles. The basic question here is: How I access those add-ons direct in gui of kodi in my non smart tv? There is any away to put icons like others add-on to start from ? I need other add-on to run "docker ps" command?


    Da Flex

    I,m already connected via lan cable.


    It's solution is better for my old uncle, she coud use a normal tv to control cameras. It worked with an old indoor camera (wanscan) but I can't use it in outdoor gate.

    Thanks for replies.

    Someone knows a cheap model (aliexpress) to use in described setup?


    I have a Tptek ip camera model WO1011EW, and can see it streams (rtsp:// or /12) in vlc or ie + fp in a win computer normally.

    When i try it in kodi 18.9 + Rpi4 2Gb , got nothing. I tryed with add-on surveillance cameras and with a strm file.

    My log file: log file .

    Any guess?



    Thank you chewitt.

    It"s connected now,but doesn't working. I,'ve also tryed DNS =,, but no response.

    I'm frustated.

    There is any vpn free and decent service for test without registration? I'm not convinced to create accounts everywhere.

    Thks and happy new year!

    Hi ,

    Maybe a noob question, but...

    Imm trying to use wireguard via cryptostorm free.

    I did the registration of my public key in ther site and mounted a wireguard.config file as described but when I tryto connect it's showing a message: input/outpu error..

    My .config file


    Type = WireGuard

    Name = WireGuard Tunnel

    Host =

    WireGuard.Address = "/24" (iI used with and without /24

    WireGuard.ListenPort = 51820

    WireGuard.PrivateKey = my private

    WireGuard.PublicKey = alFzGcAv99Mzjr7kRmoD8Mk8qgZ8HMtCNJPJRAOrL58=

    WireGuard.PresharedKey = qrZ3+Jp0y2+eYlOE0heVBfFzcHhuWJ31Y5UF/mHQLRA=

    WireGuard.DNS =

    WireGuard.AllowedIPs =

    WireGuard.EndpointPort = or or only 443

    WireGuard.PersistentKeepalive = 25

    Whera Imm worng?