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    After being stuck on this for too long, I just decided to go back to RPi OS with 64bit kernel. I don't have any issue anymore, so it was not an hardware issue. I'm a bit sad because Kodi 19 is not yet available there, but everything else is working fine and I didn't lost my docker config so all is good.

    I can only recommend that people having the same issue just go RPi OS 64 bit too.

    For what it's worth, I mitigated the issue by moving the external HDD to a USB 2.0 port and limiting my download speed to 10 MB/s. It seems the best way to prevent the issue it to not do a lot of I/O, so not ideal at all but at least I can use the system again. I'm still having trouble unrar-ing a large 30 GB files though.

    I have the exact same config, and the exact same issue.

    I've noticed it happens when there is a lot of I/O activity to my external HDD, either when downloading big files or when playing back those files through Kodi. It does seem related to the issue you linked on the raspberry github.

    I'm still investigating this too, but you're not alone !


    Tried to put arm_64bit=1 in config.txt to enable 64bit kernel mode, but it didn't work (RPi stuck after boot, LE doesn't seem to support that).


    I updated LibreELEC from a nightly from last september to the latest version (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-nightly-20201229-cb61a73.tar).

    This broke the Docker addon, in particular contairned.

    Docker addon version is After an initial fix in :

    sys.path.append('/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.libreelec.settings/resources/lib') # Add /resources/lib

    The addon runs correctly and no error shows in kodi.log.

    However, the docker deamon fails to start, due to containerd throwing a segmentation fault. Here's what we can see from journalctl or when running containerd directly :

    Any idea what could cause this ?

    I know I'm on nightlies so I don't expect support, but maybe there's an issue with the latest builds ?


    EDIT: The solution was simple in the end : I had to update the Docker addon to (from 130 bundled with the nightly). The is no issue with the latest addon version !


    I'd like to improve my LibreELEC setup by adding the Mycroft voice assistant (to start kodi items, or play some music). I'm looking into my options, and it seems there is no plugins, so I'm tempted to try to install it using the docker image, however I'm afraid of two things :

    - it requires pulse audio, kodi seems to use alsa directly so I'm afraid of access conflict to the audio device

    - I'm probably going to have to spend some time configuring path mapping and networks to make it work with Kodi on the host and Mycroft inside the container

    So before I dive in, I'm asking here if some people have successfully used Mycroft with LibreELEC, and if so, how did they manage to do it, and was it painless ?

    If that changes anything, I'm on a (somewhat outdated) nightly build of LibreELEC 10 base on Kodi 19, on a Raspberry Pi 4.