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    Ok... problem solved...

    No, please don't ask how...

    ok then...

    I recently changed the network in our house (2nd WLAN Router for smart home devices). Of course the IPs have been changed on this occasion as well. So in fact, the Synology provided all the content to our tumble dryer instead of the Kodi-Pi... Seems I now have a legit justification when my wife asks me to do the laundry and its taking a bit longer (due to the goddamn tumble dryer watching netflix episodes instead of drying the laundry!!!)

    The reason why I din't get to this point earlier was, that the NFS content was visible in Kodi and I thought it would be only visible to the defined IPs, but instead it is visible to everyone but with restricted access.

    Shame on me :) Thanks Klojum for your time and advice :) (btw: I reset the synology export file so it looks the same as before (with "insecure" and "insecure_locks" at the same time - working!


    Export says for kodi connection


    So I guess you suggest to replace I secure_locks with insecure? Didn't thought of that because with android it was actually running. Or do you have other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance, zeus

    Open a SSH connection to your SynoNAS, and find out what the NFS settings are in the /etc/exports file (or wherever Synology placed the exports file), and paste them here.

    What is "everything"?

    Hi Klojum,

    I will do that, thanks! "Everything" means Kodi (installed on android smartphone) can connect and browse the NFS filesystem while kodi on RPi can not. For this reason i don't expected the problem to be caused by the disk station.

    Best regards,


    Hi everybody,

    I know aspects of this topic have allready been discussed for some times but I didn't find a working answer to the problem:

    I am running a freshly installed Libreelec (9.2.6, Kodi 18.9) on a RPi3. I installed it via the Raspberry imaging tool.

    My media are stored on a Synology NAS DS216j and propagated via SMB and NFS.

    On my last installation of Libreelec, I used SMB to connect to the Datastorage. Regarding to some posts, NFS seems to have better performance so I wanto to use NFS in the future.

    On my Synology, I am propagating the sources to the IP of the libreelec PI and to my smartphone in the same manner. When installing kodi on my smartphone (Samsung S7, original ROM), I am able to browse the NFS shares without any problem. When trying to connect to NFS from the raspberry, I can see the NFS-Server, open it and then I can see the shared folders. But when I click on the folders, I don't get access to them.

    As everything works fine with the smartphone, the problem has to be libreelec/kodi-related. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance