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    Jellyfin - when streaming to libreelec seems to not be able to play this video..I get only sound

    Presumably it's libreeclec, as it plays through the Jellyfine website fine.

    Does anyone have any idea why? This is the codec info I'm pulling from VLC...

    I'm having issues with CEC on my Pi4.

    Tried multiple cables/adapter

    On one of the pi HDMI ports, it works perfectly. However; the other it fails to detect CEC and it appears as if once rebooted, some of the CEC settings revert (HDMI port).

    I did notice that on the working port, the physical address seems to automatically get set to 2100 on boot. Anyone know what the physical address for the second port might be, and will the setting stick?

    Didn't work for me, also reinstalled from 9.2 > 10 on pi4.

    No stream found

    Ran it though ssh...

    Just tried and doesn't seem to be working on Pi4(?) I just get a soft restart every time

    Any advice?