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    GitHub shows no commit activity from Thoradia since Jan this year. We have zero contact with him/her/they outside of this forum so we have no way to enquire about future plans. at this point people should assume that this thread (and the repo) is dead.

    What is also noticeable on the Thoradia page is that the repo / Mono Tools and VPN addons were removed at some point.

    thoradia (Thoradia Quack) · GitHub


    I was running Medusa 0.4.6 which was meant to be the last version that would run on Python 2.7

    I've just logged into the web interface and there was an update notification (19 new commits ) so thinking it was a bugfix as 0.4.6 was only relased a few days ago I updated.

    It killed the Medusa web interface and probably lots of other stuff as it transpires that the new update was indeed for Python3 only.

    I've reinstalled Medusa but I'm now stuck on 0.3.4 and it sees no updates.

    So just a quick warning to anyone running Medusa,please don't update to todays 0.5.1 release