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    quickfast The hardware has to support Widevine level 1 to increase Netflix resolution. So yes, it's possible in theory, but I don't think the user has the right hardware.

    Using the Widevine CDM in Kodi you can decode it with the CPU. Unlike Widevine level 3 it can't be passed to the GPU for decoding.. I managed to get up to 720p on my amlogic s912 based box. At 1080p it fails the Altered Carbon test.

    I've found that LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.80-devel-20200228170436-cd590c7-rk3228a-box.img works much better. It boots from the emmc just fine. I can't get the remote to work though. I can do systemctl stop kodi, systemctl stop eventlircd, then run ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY -t and I'm able to see the codes. They match exactly what's in the config I put in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/ but when I start Kodi I am still unable to control it with the remote. Am I missing something?

    Edit: after a lot of struggling I finally got it to work. For some reason the keymap had become 0kb and wasn't being loaded when I ran ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0. If you're trying to do this I recommend referring to How to configure IR remote control - Guides & How-tos - CoreELEC Forums

    It actually is possible to flash to the emmc of these boxes without having a Linux PC or opening up the box.…dwf1ImkW4cUpJFNXg2PH/view

    This is multitool by Paolo Sabatino. You can flash it to a SD card and it will boot on your box. You should have a USB keyboard to control the menu options. Place img files in the images folder and this can flash them to the emmc. It hasn't been 100% for me so far. LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213418-b7186bc-rk3228b-mk809iv.img is the only image that I've managed to get working when booting from emmc but LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20201113104056-2b69065-rk3228b-a8.img is the one that works with my remote control. If I boot that one on a SD card it works but it gives me errors when I try to use it from the emmc.