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    LibreELEC uses two partitions, the system partition needs to be on the SD card for the RPI, the storage partition can be on the SD card also or on a USB stick or anything else. You just need to make sure you adjust the cmdline.txt file in the system partition.

    I know all this

    Im running LibreElec now with system on SD-card and Strorage on the usb stick with a adjusted cmdline.txt file.

    My question was will this tool be able to wright such a setup from the downloaded image?

    // Richard

    Wow that was fast.

    ok try to explain, in my setups I always split up the image and wright only the bootfiles on the sd as rpi need the sd card to boot.
    Then all the system files goes to the usb.
    The OSMC image tool for their system does just that.

    So why? you might wonder? becouse you just pop in a new usb to start a fresh (test) install no need to wright anything as the boot is on the sd and all systemfiles will wright to the new test usb.

    // Richard

    Hallo All!!

    First post 4 me =)

    In the image tool that OSMC have, you have the possibillity to create the "bootfiles only on sd" install for the RPI.
    I would love to have it that way for Libre is there any plans for this?

    No worries as its rather easy to do yourself but a nice feature no doubt.