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    Too bad, now I'm really out of ideas and I can't really help because I don't have any SPDIF receiver.

    OK I understand that it is very difficult without the appropriate hardware. Many thanks for your help anyway!

    I will have a look at an hdmi extractor, as this might be the most versatile solution for me at the moment. SPDIF does not seem to be very future-proof...

    Indeed, I can now compile the device tree, and select spdif for audio output. Unfortunately, something else is wrong, as I get no sound (I tried GUI sounds as well as playing a movie that works well on OpenElec). I have uploaded the logs here. I am surprised to see that passthrough is not supported by this device, as it is on OpenElec. Could it be a hint ?

    You're doing it correctly. However, as I said, I never used spdif. Little more digging revealed that you also have to add: 	 		 			sound_spdif {         compatible = "simple-audio-card";         simple-audio-card,name = "On-board SPDIF";          simple-audio-card,cpu {             sound-dai = <&spdif>;         };          simple-audio-card,codec {             sound-dai = <&spdif_out>;         };     };      spdif_out: spdif-out {         #sound-dai-cells = <0>;         compatible = "linux,spdif-dit";     };

    note, best place to add above nodes is right behind connector node.

    We are almost there ! I get the following error when compiling :

    ./sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc-plus.dts:1243.25-1245.5: ERROR (phandle_references): /sound_spdif/simple-audio-card,cpu: Reference to non-existent node or label "spdif"

    Can you help me fixing this ?

    SPDIF driver is available but I didn't test it at all (no appropriate device). You would have to edit dtb file - find spdif node and replace status = "disabled"; to status = "okay";

    Many thanks for your answer. I guess however I am doing something wrong here, as I still cannot see any spdif in my audio option. It is the first time I update a dtb file, so I might have missed something.

    Here is what I did :

    I copied /flash/sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc-plus.dtb to a linux computer, used dtc to uncompile it, change the status as suggested, compiled with dtc, and then copy back on the orangepi.

    I have also found some threads mentioning /storage/.update, but copying my file here has no effect either.

    What is the proper way to edit the dtb file ?


    Note that this file will get overwritten every time you update.

    Just out of curiosity, I there a specific reason for not activating spdif in the default dtb file provided in the image ?


    I have just tried LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-nightly-20201031-cf5a710-orangepi-pc-plus on my orange pi pc plus, and it works great. Many thanks for the hard work.

    One thing I am missing however, and prevents me from drooping my old openelec setup, is the ability to use pin PA17 (available on pin 4 of camera connector) for spdif audio.

    Are there any plans to enable this in a future build (or maybe I can already activate this via a config file somewhere, as I did by modifying /boot/script.bin on my openelec build?)