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    Yes, graphics is the same as on S905X3, but as I said, mesa is just now getting proper support for it. However, there are binary driver available but I always prefer mesa over them. In the past already happen that binary drivers weren't totally compatible with another SoC and SoC designer refused to release appropriate variant due to various reasons.

    My recommendation would be H6, at least from Allwinner. There is still a lot of potential to unlock while already mostly on feature parity with older ones. To be honest, I don't think you need more than 3 GiB of RAM. I'm still working with 2 GiB and even 1 GiB boards and I don't see any downside. Regarding hot cpu - most cheap H6 boxes are crap because they lack precise CPU voltage management. This tends to cause higher temperatures due to higher voltage used. Additionally, in the future, H6 will get its own LE kernel settings (currently shared with other 64-bit Allwinner SoCs), which will also allow lower temperatures (at least in theory).

    Hello jernej, I am new member here and this is my first message, I don´t know many about LE...

    I have H6 Allwinner with a Q Plus tv box 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM

    Please, I would like if it´s possible to put any LE .dtb image or some generic

    Thank you