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    Hi jernej it's me with the sd card boot issue again. I gave up trying to fix my issue since even a usb ttl couldn't help me. But now I searched for the problem and found an issue where the sd card didn't get enough voltage from bootRom it got 2.8V but it should be 3.2V. Could that be my issue here? The uboot github doesn't even have an "issues" section lol.

    No, not really. I remember there was similar issue with U-boot long time ago, but IIRC it was solved... Anyway, fixing TV box issues is hard due to missing board schematic. Some things may be deduced from fex file if you can extract it from Android update file.

    How do I extract that ? I have a firmware file but I didn't find any tools that support extracting H3 images.

    Which board? In LE you add new board in scripts/uboot_config. If you mean how to add board to Linux (how to write DT file) then I'm afraid it's out of scope for this forum.

    It's an MXQ 4k pro-s 1GB/8GB Allwinner H3 should be pretty similar to the Beelink X2. Libreelec works actually but only with one out of 4 SD-cards I tried, and that one is a very old 2GB no name micro-sd card, it's disgustingly slow. I tried multiple cards including a SanDisk Ultra A1 32GB a sandisk class 4 card and a 2GB Kingston Card class 4 also. None of them work with libreelec, but the "triggering FEL" image on the linux-sunxi wiki works on all of them. Pretty damn strange, do you have a clue what the issue here could be?