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    I told you to put the appropiate remote.conf file in the FAT partition, next to Kernel and SYSTEM files, not in the 'Storage' partition. You can do that simply without booting the system, inserting the SD card in some computer, and youl'll have something like that:

    Try both remote.conf files without changing anything, don't loose anything by testing that...

    Good luck.

    You have a good tutorial here. Anyways, i've seen that your remote is pretty similar like mine, or like a mxq4k (i've seen provided between 2 models of remotes). So maybe you can try these confs first, and if not, make yours.

    I'm not sure if that way changed in 9.0. I think remembering i've been using this way in 8.x... But not sure at all.

    These majority of boxes are clones, and remotes are often the same as other recognized boxes. Good luck.


    I've compiled the mainline kernel branch by myself, and now it's booting the system correctly. Anyways, the wifi hasn't been recognized on my box. I have to do more testing, configure IR remote and see if it works, and more stuff.

    The best way to do that, is putting the right remote.conf file in the root of the LIBREELEC partition. This always worked for me in LibreELEC or CoreELEC distros, and worked too with this compilation of LibreELEC.

    Also i tried the image based on the mainline kernel (9.80) with my V88 4k, and is powering on, but the system doesn't boot. Is reporting a problem mounting a partition (discarded problems of bad SD, bad flashing or bad UUIDs). 9.20 (succesfully compiled by myself) is working fine. Maybe i'll give a try compiling the 9.80 and see what happens.

    By other way, i was trying to compile emulationstation and retroarch (my idea is creating an addon like EmuELEC addon). Also i tried to compile EmuELEC and RetroELEC for my V88 4K box (RK3229) using knaerzche fork. I get EmuELEC compiled, and booting, but not starting EmulationStation. With RetroELEC, still have some troubles to get compiled (i'm still fighting with that xD)... I read someone in this thread was working on that, but no news since that...

    Also I compiled a EmuELEC distro for RK3328 (u-boot=box), but i can't test it. If someone is interested, i can upload the image.

    Maybe someone has clues about compiling EmulationStation and retroarch correctly for Rockchip devices, maybe my problem is related to the video library, or need some patches.

    If this is not the rigth place to talk about that, i could make a thread about that.


    Finally i get compiled succesfully Lakka, and I made a custom distro merging LibreELEC with Lakka and other stuff, and lots of patches... xD Now I get ES working at 99% (without sound, but for me it's not a problem) and RetroArch at 100%. Also working HDMI and AV ports with sound (i made a script to configure RA sound output automatically depending on what connector is used).

    The only problem i have is when using AV port, the video output it's overscanned. In Kodi i can correct the overscan video, but not in EmulationStation or RetroArch... I have to investigate the video output, because it seems the bootargs is not determining the resolution although it's changed...

    The AV port is a good feature to use in old TVs and CRTs and the Scishion V88 4K have it, so i'll try to play with the problem... But well, i'm happy with the challenge xD