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    I’m using the TV box RK3228A, I can not find in the official repositories of libreelec Google Chrome and much less chromiun someone please can give some hint of some cool repository for the installation of these programs, I really need.

    i am using firmware LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213549-b7186bc-rk3228b-v88marsII.img.gz But it is an RK3229, well I believe it is.:(

    I remember chromium in ARM repo correct me if I'm wrong. I can make another shell script for chromium but I have no ARM device to test it. I don't know how to emulate it maybe with Qemu but I need more info and time.

    They removed what I had previously posted, but that’s okay, the point is that neither Chrome nor Chromium appear in the official libreelec repositories, thank you.

    My brothers, could someone please inform where is located browser google chrome? It seems to me that it just disappeared from the official repositories of the Libreelectv. Thank-you:(

    Congratulations brother, you are AWESOME!!!! That you have many happiness and many blessings in your life, few would do what you have done now, probably this file that you shared does not exist anywhere, it must have been yourself who created it and shared it, I’m really grateful. Thank you.:):D


    Repositório para controladores remotos Amlogic e Meson IR - Controladores remotos - Fóruns CoreELEC

    Neste link na biblioteca, estão as instruções para criar a sua própria. Não acho que haja controles remotos RK no repo.

    Obrigado irmão pelo link compartilhado, porém, nenhum dos arquivos foi satisfatório e, literalmente, nenhum funcionou. Neste momento, a placa-mãe que estou usando é uma R329Q84_V2.0 (RK3229) V2.0 e o firmware que estou configurando é este LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213549-b7186bc-rk3228b-v88marsII.img. gz

    I think I would need the rc_maps.cfg specific for the infrared sensor of the remote control of this motherboard

    Este é o controle remoto da placa-mãe

    Esta é a placa-mãe

    Someone please have some file ready for the infrared remote control of this RK V2.0 board, I do not have enough resource to generate the configuration file. Thanks:(

    None of the contents of this repository worked ( I followed all the instructions, but it didn’t help.

    i am using firmware LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213549-b7186bc-rk3228b-v88marsII.img.gz But it is an RK3229, well I believe it is.

    ;(This is the remote control of the motherboard

    This is the motherboard

    Thank you very much brother for answering my request for help, and please excuse me for the delay to reply, at this very moment I will try to make all the necessary settings to see if I can adjust all the files in their respective folders in libreelec, And soon if I can’t set it up, I’ll come back here again to post more details about this problem, and if I can do it with absolute certainty, I’ll come back to post all of my steps so that other people can succeed in this setup. Once again sincerely thank you.

    Guys, I have a TV box RK3228a and I’m not getting set up the remote control that comes by default with this TV box, Please, there is some step by step detailing all the procedures so that I can run the original infrared remote control of this equipment, Thank you very much.:(;(