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    I realise now that there are no official aarch64 builds. I tried to build for the Allwinner A20 device and it failed (though for a different reason). Something is off with the `gdb` configuration when building for rpi4 aarch64 which makes linking fail.

    I notice that there _are_ aarch64 configs for some other platforms (e.g. Allwinner A20). I've not tried them all but do any work?

    Was the build system created for LibreELEC or is it taken from somewhere else?

    dmrlawson Did you read my link to It provides some fixes and workarounds.

    Thanks. I'm not sure if that helps, though I may be misunderstanding. They mention they contributed some fixes to the kernel configuration but the article was written nearly a year ago. Since then there's been an official (beta) release of the Raspberry Pi OS which works pretty well.

    The problem I'm getting happens before the kernel is built (I think) and has to do with linking the compiled code (for gdb). I'm wondering if it's a libc thing, but I'm not overly familiar with how that works, and I might be looking at it the wrong way entirely.

    EDIT: or are you suggesting trying to move to balenaOS?

    I'm quite interested in doing this for various reasons. I'm not interested in anything that would require drm so that's not a blocker for me. It's more because this is used as a base for Lakka.

    I've made some basic changes here: GitHub - dmrlawson/ at rpi4-aarch64

    The problem I'm having is that linking fails for a number of packages, normally gdb first, with errors like:

    tracepoint-ipa.o:tracepoint.c:function record_tracepoint_error(tracepoint*, char const*, eval_result_type): error: undefined reference to '__aarch64_cas4_acq_rel'

    I'm struggling to figure out how to get past this. I think the toolchain is mostly working because other target packages compile fine, but maybe I've missed adding aarch64 to some PKG_ARCH that gdb depends on?