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    Hello Everyone.

    I just joined the forum, since i found an old Rikomagic MK802II android stick, and i wanted to help testing with it.

    This Android stick, is Allwinner A10 Based.

    It does have 1GB of Ram

    i don't recall if it has 2 or 4GB of onboard Flash.

    i tried the image LibreELEC-A10.arm-9.80-devel-20200216105054-0b8cbed-mele.img.gz from Index of /test/

    (tried this one first, since in the past i remember i have used mele branded android images with success on this device)

    It does boot form sd card; resizes the partitions; and boots back into Kodi.

    Integrated Wifi seems to work fine, it was able to connect to my network. and also see the UPNP server.

    However i wasn't able to play any kind of video, not matter the codec.

    Is there any logs i can see (or share) for debug purposes?

    i will then test the image for inet97, on the same /test repository from above. (since it also mentions A10)

    Been looking for modern projects to use this old device, so far i'm happy to see some movement around it.