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    Hi, what is the exact version of the raspberry pi you're using? I wanna give it a try, but wanna make sure I buy the right one. Thanks in advance.

    After a lot of headache I got it to boot. Since I was suspecting that the problem was about the computer not being able to boot from the USB stick I first tried to install it directly into the HDD but the installer wouldn't allow it, so I removed the HDD and put it into an USB enclosure and installed the libreelec on it like it was an USB stick, then I put the HDD back on the computer and it finally booted, then I proceeded with the installation on the USB stick from the HDD and after the installation I removed the HDD and was able to boot from the USB stick as I wanted. If someone have a similar problem in the future I hope it helps.

    Hi everyone, i'm very new to Libreelec, and even Linux for that matter, so i'm sorry in advance for my possible ignorance.

    I've installed libreelec for the first time a few weeks ago just to try it out, and i was amazed by how simple and fast it was, had no trouble at all, but i used the USB Stick it was on for another installation and then, yesterday i went to reinstall it, definitively this time, but it just won't boot. I'm installing it from the same linux system on the same USB Stick on the same machine, I've even tried the older version that was the one I've installed originally. I'm always getting the error "disk boot failure". If i boot the system without any storage attached to it i get that same error. I loaded a linux image on the USB Stick and it loaded with no problems. I'm using an old HP machine (Motherboard ms 7352 ver 1.0) (Intel© Core™2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz × 2). Thanks in advance, and sorry for the possible mistakes on my spelling, english is not my first language.