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    Just registered here, to chime in.

    After the update to 9.2.3 on my raspberry 3 last week I did not check everything.

    Youtube 1080p was working as exspected, TVheadend with DVB-S in HD was working...

    Today I fired up plugin again and 1080p wasn't usable at all. Dropped frames, while audio was working fine, bad stutter all over the place in 1080p30&60. Had to use 720p30/60.

    I reset the settings, reinstalled Libreelec, changed SD card, changed raspberry hardware... to no avail, 1080p in twitch was not usable.

    Last resort was this forum, thank you for your [email protected] I formatted again, installed 9.2.1 and everything is fine again =)

    4 hours lost, but at leas it is working again =)