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    I have an N2 (and N2+) with the latest petitboot spi image that HK published and all I do is write the SD card (or eMMC module) and ensure the boot switch is to the right, and it boots into LE without issues. I can't say I've ever tried USB, but mainline u-boot should support that too.

    By saying newest SPI from HK you mean spiboot-20200511.img?

    Your images is working, but only from SD card and with switch on the right position, which seems to be different form balbes150 images. There is no more screen flickering, so thanks for that.

    You may be interested that both your and balbes150 images have bug (or LibreELEC does), that if you start Odroid with no kodi configuration (second partition from the image) then if you change language on first screen (in my case to Polish) then everything freezes and you have to purge second partition to make it work again.

    fri.K i've not seen issues with N2 in testing but see if LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.80.0-odroid-n2.img.gz works better, this is using updated boot firmware (revised to support N2+) .. write image to SD card or eMMC and put the boot switch to the right - it will not boot with petitboot (switch to the left).

    chewitt unfortunately with this image device is not booting, always constant lighting red and blue LEDs. It doesn't matter if I try to start from SD card or USB pendrive. It worth mention that I installed balbes150 SPI boot 20191003/spiboot.img. Should I use different one SPI?