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    On a PC there are underlying code mechanisms to verify and play BR media and Kodi will leverage those frameworks. There is no equivalent on Linux (there are no Legal or certified players for Linux) hence libaacs exists and attempts to plug the gap. Unlike Windows where everything just works, libaacs depends on someone making the effort to dump the keys for a disc and submitting them to the database

    Thanks chewitt, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and explain the difference as to why it might be working on windows. I'll keep trying though. I've put in 25 blu rays now and all have failed!!!!!! Do you think it's worth my trying a clean build too? I haven't done a clean build for a couple of years, just been upgrading from my existing one.

    Hi chewitt,

    Thanks for the reply...

    Doesn't seem to be the issue. I've just tested by building Kodi on a redundant PC and the discs play ok...

    Anything else I could try?


    I'm also trying to be able to play my blurays through libreelec (9.2.3) on my Pi3.

    I've followed the instructions kindly posted by Chewitt and have checked that the keydb file is located correctly.

    However, have tried numerous blurays and I just get a message to say that disc cannot be played as it is encrypted.

    Trying to work out if I've missed something?

    Thanks for any help