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    Never give up. Today I succeeded in flashing my CM3 (maybe it was some thermal past that was short-circuiting something, that I managed to clean).

    Since my last back up was when I moved from CM1 to CM3 (=3 y ago), I had to downgrade the CM3 to 7.95.1 :) Restore the back up, and update to 9.2.3. Everything was smooth this time.

    Then I spent some 2h tagging again watched movies and shows and I am now back to "normal" :)

    The only thing is that I have already a RPi4 on the way, but at least I had plenty of attempts to rehearse how to flash, back-up, restore, etc...

    Again thank you for the support.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. I tried the flash procedure yesterday while waiting for your answer to see if there was anything to salvage (with no luck obviously). I stopped just before flashing the cm3 (so everything was working good).

    But today, impossible to load the BMxxx with the rpiboot.exe. I tried multiple times (because I know that sometime it is a bit temperamental). Nothing. Seems that my CM3 is beyond recovery (I opened the case and checked for bad contacts so might have fried it definitely).

    I plugged my old CM1 and everything was working both for the flash procedure and even for booting in an old 17.00 Kodi. So i might recover my profile from 2 years ago (that would still save me some time).

    With that said, I think it is the end of the Slice adventure for me. I will move to a classic Rpi4 in the future (since h265 is such a pain in the slice). It is a pity because I really like the case and leds. I would like also to thank the LE team for having supported the devices until now. Thank you.

    Hello folks,

    I am sad to report that my slice (with a CM3 and no internal HDD) has failed to upgrade.

    I was running 9.2.1, and everything was smooth.

    Then I decided to upgrade to 9.2.3 today. I did the upgrade via the GUI as usual.

    The file DL as it should and my Slcie rebooted to apply the upgrade.

    I should say that I did not really look at what happen since I never encountered any issue with upgrade before. I think that upon reboot, the Slice started to upgrade (reading the archive, etc) and I assumed that it did what it was supposed to do. Then I got a black screen.

    Usually, the Slice reboot one more time after this and go into Kodi.

    This time it did not happened. I waited 5-10 minutes, unsure what to do and then tried a hard reboot by unplugging the power.

    The Slice switch on (I always have the first colourful square picture) but then nothing. LibreELEC and Kodi do not boot.

    I have tried both the Kodi remote and ssh and nothing there.

    Any advice on how to restore the situation?