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    Thanks, looking forward to it :)

    serafis I rebuilt images. Can you try again (same place)?

    Thanks, this works a treat on H3 OrangePi PC (in 1080P only, droputs in other resolutions as expected).

    Note: need to use either of the two ALSA HDMI "hi-fi" devices listed, not the "SR606" one (my amp is Onkyo TX-SR606) - no sound if I use that one.

    - DTS OK

    - Dolby Digital OK

    - DTS-MA OK

    - Dolby TrueHD OK

    - Dolby digital WAV audio - OK

    - DTS FLAC audio - OK

    - MP3 and other audio formats - OK

    Great work - looks like a keeper!

    jernej I can only test H3 image as I only have an OrangePi-PC (H3) to test it on. No luck so far - here's what I've tried:

    1. Downloaded the latest nightly build (LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-nightly-20200909-16e68ab-orangepi-pc) and flashed it to a formatted 16GB SD card using Etcher.

    2. Booted up the Opi-PC successfully into Kodi Matrix 19.0. Went through the basic Libreelec configuration process, including enabling SSH.

    3. Copied the PT test image (LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-devel-20200908220203-9f5d029.tar) to the Update directory and rebooted. Update was found and applied OK.

    But then got the following issues:

    a. Notification window "Libreelec configuration error - check log for more information" (zipped kodi.log attached to this post).

    5. Settings / System / Audio doesn't have the Passthrough option (in Expert mode)

    6. Settings / Libreelec gives a message "Settings addon is not yet ready, please try again later.

    So I gave up at that point and went back to the earlier build.. Hope this is helpful.

    jernej, thanks again for your hard work on this - passthrough is working great on my OrangePi PC (H3) with resolution fixed at 1080p 60Hz, no problems at all, and even my DTS music files play correctly. I'm guessing that you're probably very busy, but any idea when the version with passthrough might get updated to a later Kodi build, or the passthrough capability be included into the nightly builds? Thanks.

    Ok, after further testing on my Orange-Pi PC (H3), this is what I've found.

    • If display resolution is set to 1360x768, HDMI audio continuously drops in and out, whether passthrough is enabled or not. Can't use this setting at all.
    • If display resolution is set to 1080p, passthrough of Dolby Digital, DTS, TrueHD and DTS-MA all work flawlessly (Yay!)


    • If Audio Output Device is set to "ALSA: allwinner-hdmi, ONK TX-SR606 on HDMI" (the intuitive choice for my Onkyo TX-SR606 AVR) then, while passthrough works, multi-channel PCM or FLAC is passed through as STEREO only, regardless of any other settings, e.g. Number of Channels.
    • If Audio Output Device is set to "ALSA: allwinner-hdmi, 1c22800,-i2s-hifi-i2s-hifi-0", and Number of Channels is set to 2.0, then passthrough works but multi-channel PCM or FLAC is passed through as STEREO (not MULTICH)
    • If Audio Output Device is set to "ALSA: allwinner-hdmi, 1c22800,-i2s-hifi-i2s-hifi-0", and Number of Channels is set to anything else (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1) then passthrough works, and multi-channel PCM or FLAC is correctly passed through as MULTICH with that number of channels

    So these are my settings where everything works correctly:

    • Display resolution = 1080P/60Hz (my TV is only HD1360x768; I use Video Calibration to correct overscan)
    • Audio Output Device = "ALSA: allwinner-hdmi, 1c22800,-i2s-hifi-i2s-hifi-0" (which is actually the default device)
    • Number of Channels = e.g. 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1 (depending on AVR and speaker setup - mine's physically 5.0 but I use 5.1 and let the AVR mix the LFE channel to the front speakers)
    • Output Configuration = Best Match
    • Keep Audio Device Alive = 1 minute
    • Send Low Volume Noise = Yes
    • Allow Passthrough = Yes, and all formats also set to Yes
    • All other settings at their defaults

    Great outcome, hope this helps someone else, and thanks jernej for the excellent work.

    can you test with software decoding? One issue found on RPi4 is that HW decoding and audio passthrough don't play well along.

    Interesting about the RPI4's HW decoding and passthrough - puts me off from getting one for a while as ideally I want HW decoding on all streams and passthrough of all formats.

    Anyway, I tried the OPI-PC with hardware decoding off - unfortunately no difference to the audio problem. Played a stream where Codec info shows ff-h264(SW) as the video decoder, and with the audio format showing as RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW pt-dtshd, 8 bits, 48000KHz, audio still drops in and out. Only difference is higher CPU and slightly jerky video. Tried some other streams (AC3, DTS, TrueHD), same result. Tried the same AC3 and DTS streams from the RPI3, which worked fine.

    Edit: Got it working after a bit of further testing. If Kodi display resolution is set to 1360x768 (my HD TV's native resolution), audio drops in and out whether passthrough is enabled or not. With Kodi resolution set to 1080P, audio passthrough for all formats seems to work fine. I haven't tested this robustly yet, but setting the Kodi resolution to 1080P seems to fix the dropout problem. No idea why and i don't even know why I tried this, but I'm glad I did. Will test further over the next few days.

    Yes, that's the one I selected, says Onkyo SR606. I tried the other HDMI outputs too, but no difference. Also, GUI sounds only work if "Send Low Volume Noise" is on - otherwise, each GUI ''click' seems to make the receiver try to switch DSP modes (i.e. internal relays click) but it doesn't actually get to make a sound. Wondering if there's some sort of HDMI "carrier" signal missing, that keeps the receiver in the correct DSP mode. But I don't really know what I'm talking about, so I'll stop there... anyway, thanks for the great work so far.

    Edit: GUI sounds only work if "Keep Audio Device Alive" is on - "Send Low Volume Noise" setting doesn't seem to make any difference.

    jernej Firstly, thanks for your work on this - I've been crossing my fingers that someone could crack this.

    On my OrangePI PC (H3), passthrough of all the formats kind of works, but only very intermittently. My Onkyo receiver shows the correct format being received when I play a source (e.g. Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby True-HD or DTS_MA) but the sound keeps dropping out randomly every second or two and the display on the Onkyo flashes between the format and blank, as if the signal is being dropped. The video plays smoothly though.

    In System/Audio I'm using the HDMI digital output, and have passthrough enabled for all of the formats. I've also tried some audio formats via HDMI. Stereo (MP3, WAV or FLAC) and 5.1 multichannel (WAV or FLAC) all work fine, but DTS or AC3 drops out as above.

    Passthrough works on this receiver for all formats from my A95 box (Coreelec) and for Dolby and DTS from my Raspberry Pi 3 box (Libreelec).

    Hoping this helps and the issue can be fixed, or is there any other configuration change I need to make on the OrangePI PC?