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    Excuse me, I didn't explain it well. Q + I think it's a Tanix tx6 clone, with the tanix areanca dts and it works fine. With the image of 21200421, but I can't find any more later images. I think the difference is that the gs1 has Ap805 and tanix does not. I'm waiting for the uart converter to arrive, to see the messages from uboot. I'm not a developer, but I can test and learn little by little. I have the photos of the motherboard, the components that it mounts and the kernel dmes that all hardware recognizes (kernel 5.7) and the latest kernel 5.10, I know that 5.11 adds more support, but I have not found any image to test. The infrared sensor works, but I have to learn to change the keymap, it uses necx protocol and I keep looking for info to be able to test if it is able to suspend the box and test the WOL. That is why I was wondering if they will continue to publish tanix nigtly, to test them in Q + even if there is no support. It's just a question, I'm not asking for support, I think your work is exceptional and I thank you for it. I can upload photos, logs, dmesg and tests that help development, but I am new and I am slow

    Hi! At last I was able to start my q + (tanix clone) with an old image it recognizes all hardware and with a new one (lattest 21), I think there are some things missing.

    Just start with the tanix image from the 21st. Since then, no more nightly have been posted to test? The image of belkin does not start.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello, I bought two q + (Tanix Tx6 clone) in amazon, one has 4gb ram and 32gb emmc (this one does not work) the other with 2Gb and 16gb I think it is nand, if it works but (obviously) I cannot install in emmc.

    Do I need to open the box to physically see the components or can it be done without disassembling? I have ssh access in both.

    I've tried yesterday's nigthy and the official


    Sorry, I'm being unclear. Let me rephrase - most cheap H6 TV boxes have fixed CPU voltage. This means that most of the time CPU is powered with excessively high voltage which of course generates more heat. You can't do anything about it because this depends on the chip which is soldered on the board. Contrary to TV boxes, SBC with H6 have adjustable voltage regulator connected to CPU and that allows kernel to lower voltage when lower frequency is set and thus avoid higher temperatures. While SBCs seems unattractive at first glance (plain board, usually no remote nor power supply included), for similar or even higher price, they are most of the time better designed.

    But that is already off topic here. Please open new topic or ask in general topic such questions.

    Ok. Understood.

    lesgar I found the issue and fixed it. Passthrough now works also on H6. Update link is in OP.

    Tanks a lot. I try this night.


    most cheap H6 boxes are crap because they lack precise CPU voltage management.

    I ordered usb A to usb A to try to flash android image to emmc, because phoenix card not work and when conect usb to usb whitout power cable the box boot. What is the better voltage manager usb or power adapter?

    I have canceled the order. I thought the h616 was supported. I thought it was the same cpu as the h6 and the same graphics as the S905X3. Thank you very much.
    What chip do you recommend with mainline kernel support. The H6 only supports 3gb of ram and is very hot, right?
    If you want we can try to flash the emmc and make backups.
    I could compile if that makes things easier, but it won't fix bugs, just try

    I have Sunvell Q Plus (Allwinner H6 y Android 9 v2.1.16 2gb / 16Gb) working. Some image to test audio? Next week change it to h616 4gb because this board can´t boot android (a lot of emmc bad blocks) But I try with sd boot