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    Thanks - I've never tried building a kernel and patches, so I've been looking for a numptys guide to explain it to me.

    I've managed to get it to the point its stable - but it fails on doing a Raspberry OS kernel update - but I'm wondering if thats because the CM1 module only has 4GB and I'm asking too much of it.

    I did try and load in a Docker add-on to the LE build and put the pihole container on it - but the CPU maxed out and it got really hot and locked up.

    I guess my options could be -

    • install without desktop (save some space and hopefully get the kernel update?)
    • try and build kernel
    • update to CM3 (would that be a better option? Although prices look as much as getting another Pi4)
    • get another Pi

    I'd like to take advantage of the nice harddisk and enclosure before resorting to new.

    HI All,

    I was one of the original kickstarter backers for Slice and I've been looking to repurpose it to a PiHole on my network (I have another Kodi these days).

    I've been trying to follow the old links for the builds - and it all looks pretty much dead end except on LibreElec. My latest attempt has been to use the LibreElec build to help in installing 32bit Raspbian on the CM1 flash - and copy the dt-blob.bin over release - which works fine, until the OS performs an update and bricks the unit again./shrug

    Any advice at all? Reading the pages it mentions patching the Kernel "upstream" at GitHub - FiveNinjas/documentation

    Its the perfect box to run as a PiHole and Webserver if I can get it going.