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    Good morning friends, please I need help with the latest versions of this libreelec system, I come from coreelec and there the only problem I have is that I cannot correctly synchronize the ps3 control and the chrome browser, my box is a Mecool KI Plus 1 gb of ram and 8 of rom, well my problem is that in the add-ons I cannot install tvheadend or PVR service or the zack morris add-on because I get the error that dependencies are missing or that the ones are broken packages in the repository, however the control of ps3 takes it immediately and remains without problems, please, my problem is with the repository and the packages or dependencies that I don't know if they are incompatible, what should I do and how can I fix it ..

    Another situation is that in the nightly versions of librelec in the previous version, I can't find a build for my team in the repos or official channels ....

    for the help and the answers thank you very much

    Hi all, please, somebody can help me, i have libreelec build:


    don´t have addons via libreelec add-ons

    "could not connect to repository"

    in old versions is same error

    my box is KI Plus S905

    for your attention thanks...!