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    Fair got your point over but it is not my fault the board gets spammed and I am sure the board has anti spam bot measures in the sign up . the only answer I can think is maybe if the forum and mods were a bit nicer to people they would not have peeved a few users off to the point they have been be signed up to every spam bot going as revenge. I am sure you will quote me and give an excuse as you have done so far to most of this hidden from the public thread, so to save you time please just delete the thread and I will slide off back to where I come from with my 35 years + of computer knowledge and python coding (some of which is lost but some still current)

    before I slide away Klojum do you come from or have Finland or swedish bl00d because the last time I come across an attitude like you have was with a guy on Xbox live about 8 years ago from Finland, who once he actually learned to speak to and respect other nationalitys other than his own he turned out to be a good guy who I still speak to now, but since I will never be back I will never find out. your either from Finland or the good ole U.S of A

    good luck in the future

    I am sorry I managed to *&^&* you off there Klojum and please do a little research before you start throwing the words "Tourette-like user" about. as it has nothing to to with "Aquired Brain In jurys" I will even link you to a wiki page to save you the hard work of typing jury but since your bot will not allow the little word in jury you will need to remove the space and make in jury one word like it should be. Most people born on the sepectrum & Tourettes is a small part of it just like adhd add etc are BORN with it in their dna but as the title suggests A.B.I is Aquired at some point in your life and as for me I was in a car crash that was not my fault and I recieved a fractured skull and damaged to my brain that results in memory problems, but thats my shiz to carry for the rest of my life so I hope you are never involved in an accident that you did not cause, and recove from slightly damaged . I do not a have single sign of Tourette-like speach or manerisims (not sure on the spelling there) I am just a peeved than I can not use a word that is widely used in the ENGLISH language to describe a cut to a finger " the knife slipped and I caused an in jury to my middle finger" I pulled up my zip before I had slipped the old man away correctly and caused an in jury to my foreskin, and while sitting in the emergency room the nurse tells the doctor that the "keyboard warrior over there" slid off his office chair and the keyboard hit him above the eye causing the in jury.

    I know many languages can miss use/understand/translate/interperate English and this can cause problems but as to why in jury would be in the censor bot is beyond my comprehension.

    Now before Klojum the Keyboard Janitor gets on his high horse again to put me back in my place.

    I KNOW that the pi4 is a big upgrade over previous versions and has higher temps but I am saying that I am experiencing higher temps than I had on a previous build. My 4 is in a custom Aluminium case with 2 fans and the activation temp is set at 55c to switch the fans on. If I roll back to 9.2.1 the temps drop back again to idle below 45c and while under load about 50c so there may be a small problem somewhere that is causing higher temps for me. others may also have it but unless they have active cooling and know what the temps their pi4`s are idle sitting at they will never notice and no one else will report it.. that is the idea behind this forum ??? I better ask the Keyboard Janitor if thats correct before I get banned for standing up for myself, but there again the high all mighty Keyboard Warrior will just delete my post and boot me out as if I never existed

    NOTHING changed plugin wise, skin wise,

    Checking the temperatures when the RPi is hard at work is a more useful statistic

    so you want me to stop doing whatever I am doing when a family member hear`s the fans kick in so I can go check the "slow laggy" temps that LE reports in the settings while idle or while it is in use and the fans kick in I need to STOP watching what I am watching and go thru the settngs to the page where the laggy temp is reported " I have never seen that temp change while the page is open in use , maybe it does not refresh the temp quickly enough" maybe I just need to start full logging and HOPE the temps are recorded in the log .. would full logging make you warm and fuzzy and keep you happy there all mighty Keyboard Janitor ??

    then I can post a few pages of the log so you can jump on me about it and put me back in my place again...

    In earlier builds I think 9.1/9.2 early beta builds ( I can not remember that far back, sorry yes I do have a certified memory problem due to a brain in jury ???? WTF this word is a real world word and needed in the name A.B.I aka Aquired Brain In jury SORT YOUR CENSOR BOT out & learn to use the English language correctly " YES I am Brittish" and ,mi speling is carp as wel ) my 4gig pi4 had temp issues while "doing nothing just sitting idle" The temp was always over 50 deg c untill a fix was found and in the 9.2.1 build idle temp dropped a good 5 deg c to hover about the 45 deg c mark and I only heard the fans kick in every now and again while it was in playback .

    I updated to 9.2.3 to see if it might help with the menu tearing problems and a problem I have playing a 4k file that gets to a certain point and trashes / reboots the pi. I should report it but I think it is a corrupt file and not really bothered about the film so I never got round to it.. Back to the main problem the idle temps seem to be back up to 50 deg c + again and the fans kick in whilst I am watching normal tv with the pi just sitting idle. The pi is on 24/7 so anyone in the household can flick to the " rpi device" and watch whatever no matter what time of day they are up, I know I could just nudge the activation temp up a bit but It was running at 45c before on 9.2.1 but after the upgrade to 9.2.3 its idle is 50c +

    Nothing else was added or removed software wise only the upgrade to 9.2.3 and firmware / usb firmware updated to latest versions (2020-04-16 & 000137ad)