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    Hi Demetris,

    I try your image but for some reason the TV said mode not supported. Move OTT M8S box to different TV. and try to boot up. Again it said "Mode not supported". My TV is support 1080P. Please advise.


    Hi dtech,

    I used Demetris version 18.6 and the remote.conf is working fine. I can turn the box OFF no problem, but turn it back ON did not work. So far

    the only Demetris Libreelec version Kodi 18.0 is working perfect on my box. Other version my box had a problem to turn it back on after turn it OFF. I had OTT M8S box with Eny M8S ROM installed. I did rename the copied dtb to dtb.img and put it to the root of the SD card.

    Hi dtech,

    I try your build with variety dtb that include n200_2G, MXIII plus but the wifi option is not shown, only wired option is shown. I used Demetris build and and everything is working except turn OFF and turn ON by the remote did not work. I have to unplug and plug it back in in order to boot.

    I am interested in your build to test on my M8S box. Is power down and power up OK with your build. I tried with Dementris build, and power down the box is OK but power up is not working. I have to unplug and plug it back in order to boot. Please send me the link so I can test your build.

    Thank you.:thumbup: