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    Hi , good morning/evening/night,

    I would like to know how can i uptade the libreelec from 9.2.3 to 9.2.4 on a raspbery pi 4b if auto uptade doesn't work without losing any data or any add ons.

    Thanks for the time whoever read the letter, I hope you having a great day

    Good morning/evening/night

    Recently I started facing a very weird problem with libreelec, the problem is that when I click to the usb source on videos/picture/music tabs it pops up an error saying that "remote share: path not found or invalid" but on file manager I can view , transfer and manage files correctly. The usb is exfat formatted and is 128gb , i have like 5 usbs with the same format and the same storage and all of them working fine in all ports of the Raspberry pi 4b 8GB ram that i use the libreelec on. I formatted again yesterday to see if it would fix the problem but nope. The usb is working fine on any devices like pc, tv other media players and ps4. I also tried adding a source by accessing root/var/media and then the usb but I can only access this path only through the file manager and whwn i click on it on videos/pictures or music tabs when i click it it doesn't open, so I don't think its the usb problems and all the usb ports of the Raspberry is working fine. I am using libreelec 9.2.4 and before 1 week this usb was working fine but before like 4 days this error popped up. I would appreciate any help in solving this issue, thanks to all people that read this thread.

    Hi, you can try to use video calibration to set the borders of the screen , you can access this setting by going to settings ,system and then display or by using the player by going on settings right down while you play a stream or a video on a player .

    yes it is but now i am getting like this terminal and its takes like 1 minute to start up libreelec and yesterday when there wasn't any such startup terminal it started within 10 seconds

    after one month of libreelec use , the libreelec suddenly started with a "ttyd missing" error and now when I reboot it it doesn't open. Libreelec is installed in raspberry pi 4b 8Gb ram model , anyone can fix this ?

    Wifi speed is very slow with Pi4 9.2.3

    Hi mate, i have the same problem and I have made the conclusion that raspberry pi 4 is working better with 5ghz connection, I have a router that supports only 2.4ghz and I am looking to buy another one with 5ghz to have better connection so you have that problem because your router doesn't support 5ghz i think (sorry for the wrong thread but I wanted to help in this problem )

    I have the same problem with both Chrome and chromium , I see that both of them are old versions and aren't supported by their developers (i am ot sure exactly) but you can try web viewer 2, it is working fine for me

    suddenly when I tried to connect my phone via Bluetooth with the libreelec on my raspberry pi 4 , this error appeared --Bluetooth resource currently unavailable-- and it doesn't let me to active the Bluetooth connection. Does anyone know how 5o fix it?