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    No it doesn't have a dongle.

    I found a file in android directory of the box (Android KitKat) called minix-remotectl.kl, and it's like this:

    key 28 ENTER

    key 116 POWER WAKE

    key 158 BACK

    key 139 MENU

    key 217 SEARCH

    key 232 DPAD_CENTER

    key 108 DPAD_DOWN

    key 103 DPAD_UP

    key 102 HOME

    key 105 DPAD_LEFT

    key 106 DPAD_RIGHT

    key 115 VOLUME_UP

    key 114 VOLUME_DOWN

    key 113 VOLUME_MUTE

    key 402 MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE

    key 88 MEDIA_NEXT


    key 141 SETTINGS

    Does it help?


    I’m new here. Can you help me, please, with a Minix Z64A remote control. It is the most basic control of Minix. After installing LibreElec on a flash drive, everything is fine, except the remote control. I can’t get my remote to work at all. Can you help me with this problem. What is the correct “remote.config” file for this IR Remote, and the correct procedure to make it work?

    Thank you!