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    Sumvision Cyclone X2 (ATV1200 clone) boots with this but the wifi card isn't visible on the USB bus.

    I tried adding the driver to modprobe.conf manually but even though it loads it doesn't see the card - which isn't really a surprise since it doesn't show up in lsusb.

    It looks like the kernel is trying to use a GPIO pin to control the wifi card power - it logs this at bootup:

    [ [email protected]] wifi_dev_probe

    [ [email protected]] wifi_dt : interrupt_pin=GPIOX_11

    [ [email protected]] wifi_dt : irq_num=null

    [ [email protected]] wifi_dt : irq_trigger_type=GPIO_IRQ_HIGH

    [ [email protected]] wifi_dt : power_on_pin=GPIOC_7

    Is there some way to enable this gpio with the supplied kernel?

    I tried searching for a gpio control in /sys/class/gpio but it doesn't look like the kernel has that enabled either.

    If I build from source with /sys/class/gpio enabled is it likely to solve my problem? My Linux knowledge is fairly strong so I've no issue building kernels but it'd be quite a faff to set up the build environment if it's not likely to fix it...

    Second problem: I'm getting significant and consistent kodi UI freezes: the whole UI locks for perhaps 30 seconds (edit: it's actually every minute, I timed it) at a time, then works for maybe 5 seconds, then locks again. It's a class 10 8GB card, and there's plenty of RAM (it's a 1GB box). There's nothing in /proc/kmsg except spam from the CEC driver which is failing:

    [ [email protected]] [amlogic_cec] amlogic_cec_irq_handler(): cec msg status: rx: 0x0; tx: 0x3

    [ [email protected]] [amlogic] ##### cec write error! #####

    [ [email protected]] [amlogic_cec] dump: msg TX len: 1 dat: 10

    I can't imagine that would cause the lockups though?

    I pushed debugging to the max and got nothing of any use in the kodi logs, other than at the point where it unfreezes I get this:

    2020-06-16 09:35:16.795 T:3011560304 DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnScreensaverActivated from xbmc

    2020-06-16 09:35:16.796 T:3011560304 DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 4, from xbmc, message OnScreensaverActivated

    2020-06-16 09:35:16.806 T:3011575728 DEBUG: CAddonSettings[screensaver.xbmc.builtin.dim]: loading setting definitions

    2020-06-16 09:35:16.806 T:3011575728 DEBUG: CAddonSettings[screensaver.xbmc.builtin.dim]: trying to load setting definitions from old format...

    2020-06-16 09:35:16.808 T:3011575728 DEBUG: ------ Window Init () ------

    Edit: The lockup is only the UI - kodi itself quite happily streams audio or video (DNLA and librespot) without any drops, while I can access the web UI with no problems. That actually means the lockups are less of a problem than it might be, since my plan is to run the box headless anyway.

    I appreciate it's an old unit, the simplest answer would be to just throw the box away, but I'd quite like to get it to a useful state so I could stream audio to it over wifi.

    Thanks for any pointers you can offer.