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    I hope you are right. But on the VIDEOSTRONG site you can find the K1 TV box but NOT KII pro (there are a KII but is different, no DBV).
    So, I guess that kII pro is built from another company that use the similar name and logo. Maybe chips are the same, maybe not. I hope it is the same...

    Videostrong have 2 box together in their alibaba account more than mounth(hxxps:// I get my box from it in China with my friend in China. Also when i brick my box i ask him to firmware and receive firmware for K2 pro combo from it.

    Yes, internal DVB support K2 pro and K1 is good to work in libreelec release. So, if need something for test or log's , im ready. :)
    Many thanks for good work kszaq !
    @ willyfan, DVB tuner inside is like K1 TV box, just new revision, 2 chipp inside is same, so, i think driver need to work for K1 and K2 TV box together.
    There, in my post can see box inside.

    There are no LE 7.90/8.0 builds for generic S905 yet. Soon support for generic S905 will be merged to master LE branch and then you will get Kodi 17. For that I need time.

    Thank you. Can you also post dmesg from Android?

    And in the meantime you can also test this: LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20160829151228-r23306-gfccda1b.img.gz

    YESSS, Wifi Alive :) 2,4G also 5G network . Test in K2pro combo TV box like Willyfan.
    Great work KSZAQ ! Thanks!