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    I have an old Minix X8-H that I updated with Finless Lollipop image recenty in hopes to use it for the latest version of Kodi but 1080p and 4K Video playback was basically unwatchable due to stuttering and audio going out of sync so I tried LibraELEC. Now I can watch higher resolutions without issues but any resolution lower than 720p will not play as it is not listed in the resolutions list, therefore not supported. This is a problem as I love the Earthcam addon and many cams from there are below 720p so I can watch very few of them now. Some work but most of them will not play. If I take the SD card off and boot normally to Lollipop, I can watch Earthcam through Kodi without issues. How can I add lower resolutions on LibraELEC so I don't have to switch to Lollipop Kodi when I need to use Earthcam?

    EDIT: It might not be due to resolution. Some cams play for a few seconds randomly but most will do nothing. Not sure what is the issue.

    Also realized 4K content will not play without stuttering. 1080p plays just fine. Tried smaller 4K files but they stutter a lot but even very large 1080p files play okay. Could this be due to HDMI cable being old?