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    So recently, my pi 4 has stopped functioning as a media center. For the past year or so i've been streaming my library through Kodi with no issues. However, I did some rearranging in my office and now every time I try to stream something, it just buffers and buffers. I did a speed test and saw I was getting maybe 2mb/sec on wireless? I'm not sure what it was getting before this problem but that seems insanely low.

    I tried adding my movies folder as a network attached drive and using VLC to play to see if it was a kodi issue. Nope. I also tried switching from Raspbian to libreELEC to see if that would help any. Nope.. same issue regardless of OS. I even connected it directly to the router to see if it was just a wireless issue. Again, nope....

    I've also changed the kodi advancedsettings.xml file to match the settings here but i don't think it's a kodi issue but rather a pi issue

    I have no problems streaming my library from other devices. I have no idea what could be causing this issue all of a sudden. It's really baffling me so I hope someone here has some insight as to what could be causing this

    LibreELEC 9.2.1