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    That's the big idea.

    Well in that case I have done something wrong because I wasn't able to do that. I haven't updated the firmware at any point.

    EDIT: Man I feel stupid now :D I kind of answered my own question. Using RPI OS I just set the eeprom-update-stream from critical to stable and then updated the eeprom. LibreElec boots from a USB device.

    If any SD card is still in there with the same (part)uuid, then there is a problem.

    Formatting a drive in Linux will give it new UUID numbers.

    Writing the same image onto drives will give them the same UUIDs.

    You could still have a (somewhat) incompatible USB/SATA controller.

    There was no SD card inside when I have tried to boot from the SSD. The UUID's of the partitions (viewed from GParted) match those in cmdline.txt. LIBREELEC-partition has type vfat, isn't that correct?


    It worked the 1st time, so it should work the next time as well.

    Double-check the correct uuid's of the drive and in the config.txt file.

    Well I installed a fresh instance of LibreELEC to the external SSD so how could UUID there? I'll check it in the evening.

    I did use a different adapter however when installing LibreELEC and when I booted the RPI.

    I have had weird freezings with the main adapter when I've copied huge amounts of data to it.

    My USB-to-SATA-adapter is USB312SAT3CB by StarTech. I think it'll suffice.

    The only partition on the SSD is an NTFS partition but can't I just resize the partition and create an EXT4 partition right alongside it?

    Easy to do from any Linux OS with gparted:

    in short you copy/paste both partition from sdcard to SDD and set boot flags as in sdcard and you are done. Probably first you need to resize/downsize existing partition from SDD if you don't have free unallocated space

    You can see here how I just added an working LE (sdb1 and sdb3) from a 2Gb sdcard to an SSD just to test new option USB boot on RPI4.

    This SSD did not had any free space left but I downsized sdb5 and sdb2 and moved sdb6 existing partition and I also expanded data partition from sd card LE install sdb3.

    I'm somewhat familiar with GParted and my main computer runs Ubuntu. I'm not familiar with "setting the bootable flag" though. Do I do this with GParted or...?

    I have LibreElec on a generic SD card, running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    I also have an external SSD hooked up to the Pi with a USB-to-SATA-adapter. I use the SSD as storage for various things.

    Is it possible, and how, to move the whole existing system from the SD card to the SSD and boot from there?

    Can I do this without destroying existing data on the SSD?