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    Hi all,

    I am the happy user of the 7.90.008 version and everything is fine, thank you for asking :)
    Thanks a lot to everybody involved in the development of Libreelec, I really love it.

    Nonetheless, I wanted to let you know ,I tried to install more recent versions (from 7.90.009 some weeks ago to. 7.95.1 this morning) and always had the same problem with the display (trying to upgrade or starting on a fresh install doesn't make any difference) :
    As soon as the install begins, the display is wrong, it only takes the upper left quarter of the screen (a bit more than a quarter in fact). At first I thought it was only a resolution problem but playing with the resolution on the interface only gave me a black screen.

    Playing with Xrandr helped a bit on 7.90.009 (I could make a xrandr --ouput HDMI3 --mode 1270x728 working), but nothing on 7.95.1 (only a black screen - with a mouse cursor sometimes...)

    lspci gives me :00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Braswell Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 21)
    Nothing really special here, so I don't understand why this happens to me, really unfair :-)


    I have a nuc n3150 and I don't know how to make a remote control working with it (I have a harmony 700 and also a wetek play remote, don't know which one is better)

    I tried to unload/reload the driver (modprobe -r nuvoton-cir), then ir-keytable -t to test events but nothing happens.

    Any help wery welcome.

    I also have troubles with resume after suspend but I will explain this later on.