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    I recently upped to a RP4B. After getting my library sorted i find when I watch movies from my hard drive using the movies source, they buffer continuously. First I get the little wheel, then the circle with numbers. Like every ten seconds. But if I play them thru file manager, or thru videos from the directory, they work just fine. Also when I hit stop, often times the system gets stuck and I have to soft reboot. But not when I play from file manager or from videos. Anyone run across this?

    According to the Wiki, this addon is on the point in time list. Yes when I check the repo, there's no mention of it nor does a search find a result. I don't seem to have an option to choose a music visualizer. Im using the standard Estuary skin. What am I missing?

    I am running 18.2 on an RPI3. I do not have any illicit addons or repositories. While I was watching a show on the Netflix unofficial app I went to scroll forward and for whatever reason it rewound to the beginning. When I hit play I had no sound. I restarted my box a couple times and it didn't help. I jumped on youtube and discovered I had the same problem. I havent touched any settings. My regular videos and audio files work. Even stranger, all the system sounds work while in the addons section. Back, scroll etc.

    Also, under audio settings during playback audio stream is greyed out.

    Would really like to fix this as I just got the Netflix app to work so I can watch The Order on my 50 inch tv instead of my phone.

    Encountered a new problem. When I leave the raspi on minim smb protocol smb2, and I can't use web interfaces anymore. Is it safe to leave the raspi on smb1, and any computer trying to connect at smb2?

    Ok I got it sorted. For anyone else using Ubuntu:

    1. client min protocol = SMB2
    2. client max protocol = SMB3

    Add that under [global] to your smb.conf file, found in the hidden section of your home folder (mine is /home/wolf)

    then restart smdb

    1. sudo smdb restart

    I understood almost none of that. So what you are saying is I need to add a network location on my linux computer? Thanks for the tip on re scraping, adding new media hasnt been working consistently.

    I switched the minimum smb to smb1 and it still doesnt work. I think a trip to the Ubuntu forums is warranted.

    And now my desktop does't see the samba shares on the Libre Elec device. As a matter of fact, librelec device doesnt show up as an option. The device itself works fine, but i need access for such things as naming conventions and library maintenance.

    I run Transmission on it, and I can access it thru the web console. I can also access the device via the Chorus Kodi remote web console. It just doesn't show up in nautilus. ( I'm running Ubuntu 17.10)

    Its raspi3 running LE8.2.3 and Kodi 17.6

    EDIT: I can also access the raspi with FileZilla.

    Is your storage partition running out of disk space?

    EDIT: Were you speaking of the storage on the SD card or the removable drive?

    According to properties dialog boxes in both Linux and Windows, I have 400ish gb of space left. I'm going to find a windows computer and chkdsk /f it, and defrag and see if that helps.