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    Can make jackett service to work.

    LE 9.2


    mine is a 3229 and goes between 85 degrees and 93, how come yours reaches 70?

    Use a lighter skin like quartz and see if something changes

    Okay. I redid the whole thing as root and everything is fine now. Thanks

    I'll try again as root. Thanks for your attention.

    Edit. Everything is working fine now. Thank you

    Thank you. I followed these steps and everything looked to be ok, but when I tried to start the system I got an error message "failed to start login service". The system starts but a lot of services are no running (ssh, etc). I think I will have to back to the original image.

    Can you please elaborate how to apply this patch? I would like to be able to play hevc files without system reboot,

    Thank you:)