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    I read pretty much all of the topics on this subject on the forum but I still can't find an answer. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 runnnig the latest version of Libreelec (9.2.6), with add-ons from Thoradia, with Qbittorrent, Deluge, Sonnar and Radarr. It's connected directly to a TV and the LAN network of the house, but it has no outside connections. I had a PI3 before, backedup the content and imported on a fresh RPI 4 build.

    For the life of me I can't understand why the NTFS drive is no longer mounting. It's a NTFS drive becasue I want to connect to it from a Windows machine through LAN and that makes it easier. It worked for more than a year. The drive is in an external Orico 6139U3 PRO rack, which has its own power. When the PI boots up, it wakes up the drive, but I can see after boot that it's not mounted. I have to turn it off, and KODI shows a prompt that the drive has been safely removed, although I could see it wasn't mounted. After I turn the drive ON, the drive mounts just fine. For some reason, Libreelec doesn't mount it automatically after reboot or shutdown.

    Anyone has any ideas? Tried to use fstab but found that's not possible. The drive is not RO, so that's not it. Here are all the logs. Thank you.




    Hi everyone,

    I know this might seem like a stupid question, but I've been wrecking my brain over this for a few hours now. I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ set up with the latest LibreElec version. I already installed Thoradia, Radarr, and a few torrent clients. The problem is that I can't link any of them to Radarr, with the exception of Transmission.

    Qbittorrent doesn't work because of an unknown API version and Deluge requires the Label plugin to be installed. I copied the plugin file to the directory, rebooted the machine, but it's not activated and there are no options to do that.

    I only need a working torrent client, with a way to move the downloaded files to a couple of different directories before or after the download finishes, depending whether it's a movie or TV show.

    Some indications where I could find some documentation or any advice would be welcome.

    PS: Nevermind, I figured it out.