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    I don't fully understand TWRP, but, I THINK you need a custom rom for your device, the original rom wouldn't have had it. I suggest you try the freaktab forum, install a custom rom. You can look around here no guarantee this is the correct one.

    You might have to reinstall CE again.

    I already have a custom ROM from freaktab. The problem is that TWRP is not booting with custom uboot, but is booting ok with stock uboot.

    Stock recovery is working ok with both uboot ( custom and stock). I have root and a can change the recovery from Android.

    I think there is something changed in custom uboot that is interfering with the boot of TWRP ( more exactly from ramdisk, maybe recovery.fstab or someting else). And I tested 4-5 different TWRP found on the Internet with the same result.

    I using the prebuilt u-boot_q201_v2.2_green_PCB and is working perfect with Coreelec 9.2.2 and Android on my old H96 Pro +.

    The only problem is that TWRP in not working with this u-boot. I tried a lot of recoverys (TWRP) without success. The strangest thing is stock recovery is working fine. Initial I thought that the problem is the kernel from TWRP img, I unpacked the recovery and changed the Zimage (with the one from stock recovery) without success.

    Has anyone else encounter this problem? I'm using TWRP to update the gapps ( opengapps tvstock version) from time to time.