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    still on, no changes at all.

    I tried several settings from several dtbs, not even:

    turns the LED off.

    The keymaps function so far with the original assignment (got only the two new one, i could add more later)

    But now I'll test the Image: LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-9.95.1-box.img.gz

    and give feedback later.

    By the way (my nigthly build), I've notice one issue: while updating via update tar, it extracts all the dtbs to the LIBREELEC's root (mmc 0), not in the dtb folder, where they are stored normaly?

    @chewitt: Thank you for the info, that sounds very good (except for the slow development of the vdec driver).

    First and foremost, I wanted to rule out the device-tree as an accident/non-boot source of errors for the image.

    So it have been the vdec.

    What is missing, I have to try it out first,

    I haven't even thought of LEDs, keymaps, bluetooth, wifi, display, etc. until now.

    @ balbes150 First of all, thank you for making these images.

    That was the first image with a mainline kernel that ran longer than 5 minutes on the

    Dreambox dreamone (s922x) / deamtwo (s922x).

    The method of reloading the u-boot.ext is ingenious.

    I used meson-g12b-ugoos-am6.dtb with a patched memory line.

    Now that I've finally got a mainline kernel running on the box, I would like to adapt the device tree.

    Unfortunately, I still have no idea what to adapt to the 5.X dt.

    This is totally new to me. I have the current Dreambox kernel src here: see dreamone.dts/dreamtwo.dts

    A better fitting dt would be very helpful, because the image freezes to death when I play a TS-stream via the enigma2-pvr-addon. I don't know if Panfrost works at all on running TS-streams, but otherwise the image was the best of all mainline tests, All other kernels have already died with a low I/O load or didn't even start.

    And I would be grateful for any tip.