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    Don't do that. Just install hyperion from our repo

    I've given that a crack and it works. Loaded up a config I made using the HyperCon.jar tool, and things seem OK - however, ONLY on menu overlays, and some sub-menus. Video is not being captured at all :(

    Thanks for that - that's what I see, but every time I've installed it, it's been referred to as Boblightd! Now that I've installed it, the frontend is struggling to connect to the service. More digging required :).

    Ps, tried using the hyperion tool to directly install to my Odroid C2, with no luck - "unknown architecture" or similar errors :)

    -- Update:

    Connected to boblight no problems after popping an old config back. Able to get the static blue light behind the screen as I like it. LEDs change colour as the movies/tv shows begin, however, the LED colours become "stuck" and dont update accordingly until I'm finished watching, at which point they revert to the default blue light I set in the main menu.

    Is this an issue with the AMLogic part of Kodi?

    chewitt Yep I've checked both, combed through all of them. Best I can find is two different Boblight clients, but no boblightd. Any chance it has been accidentally removed from the repo?

    Hi all,

    I've recently updated to 8.2.1 and decided to reinstall boblight to get some LED action going again with my Lightpack. Installed the Kodi Boblight addon, and then went looking for the boblightd addon to install but it seems to be missing - from both my boxes. What gives? Has it been decommissioned?


    Make sure it it supported and enabled on your TV. And that you are connected to the correct HDMI port on the TV. Not all brands support CEC on all connections.

    Definitely enabled and supported (Samsung 2014 smart tv), as I've used CEC on different ports -- tested on those that have 'worked' before also.

    Not sure what to do at this point.