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    hi markosc,

    thanks for the logs. For the boot problem, I think it needs to go back to the initial voltages because they don't work for everyone.

    For the other problem, I saw an error in the kernel graphics driver. I'm trying to figure out what it might be about

    I repeat myself too, show me the error. It could be a voltage not compatible with your card (I have 3 boards and it seems strange to me)

    . But you understand that it's hard for me when someone says .. it doesn't work, but then it disappears or doesn't give helpful information.

    If, on the other hand, it's a voltage problem, use the dts of the version that works. In other words copy the dts from july version (you can find them in the .tar version of my builds)

    But again, without the system logs, you can write anything, but I can't help you / improve my builds.

    You always do it, you say nothing works but then you don't help me understand.

    thank you

    Hi all,

    new build available with:

    - linux 5.10.142

    - removed esp8089 wireless linux driver (not working)

    - added rtl8192f usb driver

    - better emcp support (thanks @Harleythetech for testing)

    - mesa3d 22.2.0

    - revised cpu/gpu clocks and voltage

    - new kernel config

    - small fixes

    This build contains some substantial changes that have been tested for over a month on my boards that I use on a daily basis, with no obvious problems. However the suggestion to try it on the SD card before updating is, for me, mandatory.

    I also rented a small server to publish my builds and save valuable space on my personal google drive.

    It has few resources but if I realize it is necessary, I could think of an upgrade.



    thanks MIKMXIII , these days I'm improving the temperature management, also adding the throttling of the gpu.

    it has never happened to me, and no one has ever managed to give me a log, but with my builds the kernel restarts the board when the temperature exceeds the 100 degrees celsius.

    but let's say that, thanks also to latest evolutions of the opensource mesa 3d driver, the board is much better than when I started this project (I'm experimenting with a build of lakka 4.2 and I'm quite surprised)

    as for your problems, unfortunately if you use streaming, but the source is not stable there is little you can do.

    on the analog audio switch, honestly I don't use it daily, but I'll do some tests and let you know

    Thanks again

    hi remlei,

    my builds by default use a generic device tree.

    The supported devices are only customizations for various leds layouts and ddr3.

    So you can try first the generic one to check if all works well, and then try another dtb to find the best for your device.

    If you don't find the right one I'll try to produce a dtb for v88 mars 2 (link for official android firmware are appreciated).




    for audio there is a problem with new installations (thanks for report). Having added the analog output, it uses that by default.

    If you manually select the hdmi audio output from the settings you should be ok.

    For the freeze, I have a board identical to yours and I don't have these problems.

    Are you using the normal dts or the overclocked one !?