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    I probably miss a keypoint because after reading carefully wiki HOW-TO:Configure_controllers and a bunches of threads, I've never ever been able to play a single game on Kodi with retroArch ;(

    I can bind my wiimote and navigate throug Kodi : it works like a charm. But when I want to open a game via Retroarch, the game open, but I'm not able to send a single command to try to play.


    I was expecting, after some releases, to see a controller profiles called "Wiimote", or to see a hint how to create such a profile, but I failed until now.

    I've tried do configure the NES profile to play some NES game, but I'm not able to set a single buttons : the countdown goes down from 4 to 0 and no button is mapped.

    I've tried to use the add-on "Keymap" and achive to map any button of my weemote to some navigation controls, and it works with kodi navigation, but it doesn't help for interacting with retroarch (did I miss a section in keyma?).

    Each time a game is running, if I press "A" on my wiimote, I see the pop-up with options to resume, change control, change video size, ... but if kodi can receive orders from my wiimote, why Retroarch is not reacting?

    I'll never give up and still hope playing my old dream "Bionic Comando" on NES emulation.

    Any direction on what to check on hints would be greatly appreciated :D

    Thank's for paying some attention and wish you a nice day :)