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    Hi what i have to do to install this test file? with the image file of the libreelec, i format an SD with the image file and all work ok, now with this tar, what is the procedure to create the SD?

    Hi, I use an twenty years old kenwood home theater, it do their best with DTS audio encoding, until now i used a 4geek playO that run very well.

    Now i want to try a new media player, and i bought a beelink GS1, connected with the toslink optic cable, it play audio in format stereo and ac3 with no issue, but with DTS audio it start to fliker.

    i made a short video of the problem

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    I tried VLC and MX player.

    Now i tried LEbec, i activated passthrouth and connected the media player to the home theater with a HDMI/audio splitter, but same problem, the DTS led on the home theater start flicker on/off.

    There i something that i can do to solve the problem?

    thanks for the help

    Matteo Fabbri