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    I already did run Kodi on Fedora for about 6 years, but had random problems which i wanted to give LE a try.

    Also updates would be easier with LE and thought Kodi would be best optimized.

    Since LE is linux based, i never ever thought it could lack RAID support.

    Why should RAID be so risky?
    I mean most RAID arrays has some parity, so they can evan survive a disk outage.

    What is so different mounting a filesystem on the partition from LE installation (.storage) and from an RAID array from your perspective....or saving/accesing files from there....

    What has RAID to do with "server stuff" anyway?

    I'm having a HTPC tower with many disks in a RAID5 array, which is connected to the TV.

    I prefer "All in One" instead of the requirement for many devices for one single Video Player

    I don't expected that LE will offer server functionality, NAS or something other exotic.

    Not evan a GUI for configuring RAID or disk partitioning, but at least access my data on my disk(s).

    Distributing fdisk, rm and other such tools does include the same risk as including mdadm.

    If i am entering commands on the console and break stuff, like deleting partitions or files, it is only my own fault and can't blame LE for this.

    What does so differ mounting an ext4 filesystem on a normal disk partiiton from an RAID array?


    I'm trying to add mdadm-4.1 and follow the howto from:

    LibreELEC RAID support – Artem Butusov Blog

    Compiling mdadm fails with:


    /usr/bin/install -D /home/user/ -m 755 mdadm /home/user/

    /usr/bin/install: target '/home/user/' is not a directory

    make[1]: *** [Makefile:246: install] Error 1

    make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/user/'

    FAILURE: scripts/install mdadm has failed!

    So under '/home/user/' there are only the folders bin, include, lib, share.

    Why is the folder sbin not created and compiling is failing?


    I was really shocked, after i installed LE and found out, that LE does lack RAID support 8|

    Now i am not able to acces my data on my big RAID5 array.

    Please add at least the required kernel modules and mdadm for the possibility to configure/access RAID on the console.