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    Hi Jernej!

    I have asked about one bug solution but it's still present.

    The problem is with PVR IPTV Simple Client.

    If buffering (circle with 0-100%) occurs (even just for 1 second) during playing any of TV channels the video picture freezes and only sound continues playing after buffering ends.

    The only solution for now is to press stop button and then turn TV channel on again. But here's another problem that it does turn on any channel (for first time ) with some pretty long lag (30-40 seconds) after that picture freeze of buffering. Then switching channels is done instantly again as usual.

    You have mentioned that you don't use this addon, so you are unable to test it. So I have PMed the author of this addon - nightik on xbmc forum and he told me the following things:


    This addon doesn't do neither stream download, nor playback. It just parses m3u and xmltv and gives this data to Kodi engine instead.

    Playback and buffering is the only Kodi's job, so the problem is not in the addon but in the way how Kodi processes streams.

    So, he is unable to help with this problem!

    Unfortunately, I have this bug for pretty long time, perhaps from spring-summer 2021 and there is absolutely no serious bugs for me except this one.

    Perhaps, you could help me with this, or if any my help is needed to resolve this issue, please let me know. May be you need any log files to help? It's really annoying to have it till now. ;(

    P.S. I have both latest final Kodi and addon currently installed on my board.

    Images are linked on download page: Allwinner – LibreELEC

    Hi Jernej! There have been LE 9.97.1 on that link you've kindly provided to me and I've seen that final stable 10.0 version have been released just few days ago. It is written that 9.97.1 should be able to upgrade automatically, but that didn't work for me, so I have flashed again with final 10.0 LE. But I wonder if it really has to be able to update on our boards, or only manual is our way?

    Dear Jernej,

    I have tried clean install of the current LibreELEC-H3.arm-11.0-nightly-20210819-cf95a45-orangepi-plus2e.img and from the Addons directory on the first page of this thread but can't install this PVR. Have I've done something wrong, or is this version of nightly image too fresh for PVR? Besides, I can't enter in LE repository on this nightly image. Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jernej! I confirm I have those issues described in my previous message: RE: Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

    Please remind me how can I grab those log files from hidden Linux folders? I use Putty for Windows and SSH. Or I can use my Ubuntu if needed. Sorry but I used Linux commands some time ago and forgot them, unfortunately. 😞 I could get in hidden folder (ls -a) but I couldn't copy those files to my PC through SSH.

    How often freeze happens? Same amount as image corruptions before?

    Hi Jernej! I have found out that today a problem with my IPTV provider appeared. I have changed to another CDN server and now there is no buffering on my Kodi and Samsung smart TV.

    Now, how does Kodi behave after your update. It has almost no image corruption. It appears only when I scroll channels list fast (while video play back is at the background) and for very long time (````approximately one minute) and there is very little corruption that disappears as soon as I stop scrolling. Also the sound started to lag a little during scroll. It is much-much better then it was before!!!

    But when I close menu the image sometimes stops, or sometimes starts to lag. Stop and play channel solves this but not always and not for all channels! And another strange problem occurs after this. When I press to play any other channel there is a very big delay (about 30-40 seconds) before it turns on. The reboot solves that. I can say I should definitely reboot after this issue, otherwise there are present issues mentioned above (video lag, and/or long time channel switch). I would provide you a link with log files soon. Just want to replicate it some more times to give you true description.

    Many thanks for your kind support!!!

    It's first time I see this kind of error. But then again, CEC behaves differently on different devices. I have experience only with my LG B8 TV, where CEC behaves normal. Just experiment...

    Yes, Jernej, it's sad 😞, because I have Pioneer Blu-ray player that works perfectly with my Pioneer plasma TV. HDMI CEC (KURO link) works as it should: Blu-ray player powers up TV and TV turns off player.

    But I have to disable HDMI control in TV now, because I've got problems with Orange Pi then (start up with no image as I said above) even though it's on 3rd input, while Blu-ray player is on 4th...

    The only difference between my test image and nightly from that day are just two lines of debug output. You can treat them same. Clean install is recommended every now and then, when bootloader is updated.

    OK, thanks, Jernej! I have one more question. I see there are settings for buttons repeat time in CEC adaptor. Should they be set to the corresponding brand's TV remote model, or not? I am just trying to figure out why I have problems with CEC on my old Pioneer Kuro plasma TV. I've got multiple CEC100 errors when CEC adaptor (in Kodi) and HDMI control (in TV) are enabled (see the attachment).

    The only way to eliminate these errors is to disable CEC adaptor in Kodi. But I've got a black screen (no image) if Kodi was started while the TV has been set to any other input before. And the Kodi is workable at this moments (hear GUI control sounds). The reboot from Kodi remote app makes the board to start showing image again after such issue...

    Understood. I don't know weather it can help, but as I mentioned above this thing appear when I start to scroll the channels list fast while the video playback is at the background, first I notice some lags and then even this image corruption appears. If I scroll channels list easily (one by one, or only 3-5 channels) this doesn't happen.

    In other words it's very like as the hardware is not capable to hold that stress load during such moments...

    Jernej, I have installed your update, turned on debug logging and run dmesg through SSH, but I've got only multiple strings like these:

    [ 375.661840] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.661845] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.694128] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.694205] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.701908] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.734150] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.742902] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.774053] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.780702] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.780716] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.780766] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.780771] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.813840] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.813925] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.819440] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.819495] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.819500] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.853835] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.853913] timestamp is corrupted for references!

    [ 375.859572] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.894088] timestamp is corrupted!

    [ 375.900549] timestamp is corrupted!

    Have I done something wrong?

    Can you confirm that streams use H264 codec (press "o" during playback)? If it possible, try seeking for few seconds back or forward. I have one H264 sample with broken frame which cause similar issue and picture is fixed only when seeking back or forward...

    Thanks for your feedback, Jernej! Yes, I confirm all of my IPTV channels (HD, FHD, HD orig) use H264 codec. I have just checked that (pressed "i" that turns on info panel). Interesting thing is that seeking back, or forward causes this issue instead of being fixed! The video starts to either lag, or to produce corrupted image (as above). The solve method is to stop playing and then turn this channel on again. If this doesn't help, the reboot is the only way...