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    You can add mem=1G

    kernel arguments to force DRAM size to 1 GiB.

    i try it, it work. show DRAM 1G

    no image on tv....

    Can I somehow specify the screen resolution at boot time?

    I want to try with other parameters ... 720... 480 ...

    I hacked my orange... i logged ssh ))


    mem autodetect work wrong

    This is a regular board "OrangePi One Plus" ram installed 1 GB...

    This is a serial console boot image armbian (Orange Pi - Orangepi)

    armbian system boot normal, video and sound work fine.

    you will get that by appending

    i appending....



    FDT /sun50i-h6-orangepi-one-plus.dtb

    APPEND boot=UUID=1103-2410 disk=UUID=cdbb4d0e-d433-4856-87ed-5b2e0bc7c274 console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty1 ssh systemd.debug-shell=1

    I have no clue, you should provide logs, best if you connect to serial console or ssh and get some info like dmesg. You can force enable ssh with adding ssh to the end of APPEND line in extlinux.conf. Do you by any chance use HDMI converter, like VGA to HDMI?

    no... direct HDMI->HDMI

    best if you connect to serial console

    I have only this on the console (i remove "quiet")

    serial console.... no login input...

    what are the parameters of ssh?

    port? Name? pass ?

    Hi, I’m using an image for my “orange pi one-plus”.


    The board is connected via HDMI to the TV, the OS boots, but there is no image.

    The TV writes “there is no signal at the input”, BUT in the TV speakers, through the crackle, the sound of moving through the menu items is heard. (I press enter on the keyboard)

    With Other images from the site orange (all sorts of armbian) normally output the image and sound ...

    what could be wrong?